Friday, 6 April 2012

Breakfast bread pizza

Ok..So this is not a new recipe but there is something about standard classic dishes that is so romantic. Its brings about a wave of nostalgia, its surprisingly filling and its quick and simple to make. I can't think off a better example than Bread Pizza to point this out. If you have not tried it yet, go go go..try it and for those who have, let do it again.

Here is what you need,

  • Few slices of bread
  • Grated cheese, preferably Mozzarella
  • Pizza sauce
  • 3-4 Sliced mushroom
  • 1 diced bell pepper.
  • A pinch of pepper
  • Butter

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. While the oven is preheating, spread the butter lightly on the bread.
  3. Then spread the pizza sauce over it ( If you don't have pizza sauce then, either use garlic butter/spread instead of butter and then apply ketchup over it or heat a pan and saute a little bit of garlic paste very lightly, then quickly add ketchup to it. Mix well)
  4. Now arrange a few slices of mushroom and diced pepper on top of it. (Actually, anything you like can be added on it, including thinly sliced sausages)
  5. Now liberally spread grated Mozzarella on top
  6. Bake for about 6-8 minutes or until the cheese is all melted.
  7. Dig in!
See, it really cannot get more simpler than this now, does it. 

I know I have not been around a lot, but I surely hope this is gonna be my comeback post. 

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